Since starting my YouTube Channel, weekends have transitioned from light household chores, socializing, and mostly Netflix binging to hustle. While I do get some work done during the week, sometimes after a long day at my full-time job, I don’t have the brain capacity to be very productive. I’ve shifted that productivity to the weekends.

During the week, my Erin Condren Life Planner is perfect. It allows to me to have a reasonable daily do list, motivation for my workouts, and space to plan my evenings. On the weekends, I use it as more of a guide. While I do put down the major tasks or events I have scheduled, it does not capture every ounce of productivity I’m aiming to squeeze out of those days.

I created a system that works for me.


On the left, I include a box for each of the weekend days. (Yes, Friday is a weekend day in my brain). This space is for tasks or events that must happen that day. These typically correlate with the things marked in my Erin Condren.

On the right, I include a (probably too) long to do list of things I want to accomplish over the weekend. These can be as small as refilling my vitamin tray to large things like editing a video. I list them in brain dump format a.k.a. no rhyme or reason.

As the weekend goes on, I will sometimes add notes to the tasks signifying the day I would prefer to do them, the priority, or the order in which they will be completed.

After constructing this outline on every notepad, notebook, and blank piece of paper I own, I finally decided to simplify my life and make a template in Microsoft Word. I will still get the satisfaction of checking items off with my pen, without the hassle of creating the structure.

It’s a nice reminder that while I will always gravitate towards pen and paper, technology can be helpful too.

Here is the PDF that changed my weekend life!