One of the most common questions I get is “how do you store all of those stickers?” Well, let me tell ya – finding sticker storage peace has definitely been a journey. It all started back in Fall of 2014, when I’d finally learned that there were companies who made stickers for my planner other than the ones attached in the back! After a few months of purchases and an over-indulgent black Friday, I found myself needing a way to store stickers.

Since I was only ever planning at home, I decided that larger binders worked better for me. What I started out doing was using adhesive rollers and attaching the sticker sheets to cardstock. I would not recommend this. While it was easy to get to the stickers, it was not easy to move things around or take sheets on the go.

However, large binders were definitely what worked for me. My favorite brand I discovered when Krissyanne Designs started offering sticker binders and this was the brand she used for her full size binders. They can be found at the Container Store! 

Now, I use these photo sheets to store stickers. I also highly recommend dividers that have pockets, sometimes when I’m in a rush I’ll just throw stickers in there as opposed to putting them back in their sleeves.

I have 5 of these large size binders with the following categories:
Teal: Birthday, Studying, Health & Fitness, Sports, Food, Drink, Money, Pets
Red: Matching Kits, Planning related, Household, Travel, Errands, Out & About, Media
Navy: Quarter Boxes, Event Stickers, Half Boxes, Full Boxes, Small Flags, Large Flags, Circles, Other Shapes
Orange: Half Box Quotes, Full Box Quotes, Emojis, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Decorative
Patterned: All samplers



I’ve had this system for just over 2 years and it works for me. As you can see, I store them on a raskog cart so that I can roll them around my apartment. Because this works so well for me, I always said I would never be a small binder girl. Well, three shops changed that.


The first shop is Design Pandemonium. I love this shop for their creative monthly kits, removable sticker paper, and incredible owners. I have 6 binders from this shop – 3 of which contain my monthly Pimp My Planner kit. The bottom three contain – weekly kits, Sampler pages from DP, and quote stickers from DP. Their sheets are made to be hole punched in the binders, as shown below. They also make and sell their own plastic inserts that are perfect fit for the samplers!

Use PANEDMONIACLAKEN for 20% your order and my sampler shown below!



The next shop, which I’ve already mentioned, is Krissyanne Designs. The first binder is the celebrations collection! This is a treasure! With incredibly detailed, creative stickers for so many different celebrations, it definitely brightens up my planner. The other binders contain all my KAD samplers, stickers made by planner friends, and the stickers I use every week to set up my planner. She also has sheets meant to go in a binder and she sells these adorable stick on pockets that are sized for her samplers.


The last shop that converted me to small binders is Lillie Henry. I am obsessed with the rainbow colors and bold designs. I have two binders from this shop – one that contains all my LH samplers and the other contains samplers from other shops that I sometimes like to take on the go. Her pages are also made to fit into the binders. However, when I have older pages from before they were desigend this way, I use these plastic pages to store my stickers.


The truth is, I will probably never make it through all of these stickers in my lifetime, but even just looking at them makes me happy. And that is all that matters. 🙂


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