Energizing and Actionable Goal Setting Session

After graduating from the University of Texas, Laken Edwards moved to New York City on her own to conquer the financial industry. By day, she is an associate of the Society of Actuaries at a large life insurance company. Outside of work, she is focused on personal goal setting and sharing her journey with others. Laken helps over 15 thousand people work towards achieving their own goals each week through her popular YouTube Channel, Plan With Laken. She has been a member of the planning committee for the Go Wild Conference for the past four years and has been featured on Wildforplanners.com, The Planner Wire, and numerous podcasts. 

Signature Talk

From Goal Setting to Goal Achieving

Ever wonder why those new year resolutions never seem to get checked off? So did Laken. That is until she cracked the code on what it takes to actually achieving those goals. In this presentation, Laken is going to show you exactly how to achieve those resolutions once and for all.

  1. Understand why goal setting hasn’t worked for you in the past so you can make it work for you in the future
  2. Walk away with the knowledge to master any goal you set so when your goals change, you know exactly where to begin
  3. Be able to achieve your goals despite your busy schedule so that when life happens you still make progress

Ideal audience: Growth focused individuals who feel like they don’t have time to work on their goals

As Seen In


I find that you explain the ‘why’ very well. Why you decide to do something this way or even why you changed your mind.
– Anita


I look at the time I have in the day differently. Instead of “I don’t have enough time to do what I want,” I find ways to maximize the time I have to make progress, no matter how small. – Lisa

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