Hi! In this video, I bring you along to shop with me on my trip to Michael’s craft store. I share a haul of what I purchased and a quick tutorial on my homemade DIY cupcake toppers.

►Things I Mentioned:
Prismacolor colored pencil sharpener: https://amzn.to/2GMHYe3
Undu Adhesive Remover: https://amzn.to/2IJ7tCP
Stars Notebook: https://bit.ly/2s3WklS
Flip Flop Washi Tube: https://bit.ly/2s5LNWm
Skinny Washi: https://bit.ly/2LszeNE
Recollections Sticker Book: https://bit.ly/2KWS3rt
Happy Planner Rectangle Sticker Book: https://bit.ly/2se3q6f
Happy Planner Food Sticker Book: https://bit.ly/2GQ1aaT

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Blog about cupcake toppers: https://love-the-day.com/how-to-make-cupcake-toppers

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I am a twenty- something Texas planner girl living in NYC!
My goal is to inspire you to achieve your unique goals through planning and organization.

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Erin Condren Website: https://bit.ly/2wRzAdF
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