I wish every month was Self Care September.  And it should be! It’s not realistic to pretend I’m going to do a “blog-able” action item every Sunday and add a new habit every week, but taking some time to focus on myself this month made me realize just how important it is.

This month was also incredibly rewarding to see your focus on self care. I loved seeing all of the posts, comment and stories about the things you were doing to love yourself. Every time I saw one of you doing something for yourself, it inspired me to do the same!

Let’s make a plan to keep it up!

Just like the first plan – this is creating a plan that works for you – the ongoing plan should be customized to your life. Everybody’s needs, schedule, and life is different.

I’m going to start with a three month plan. For the remainder of 2018, I will schedule time for one major action item each month. Whether it’s a candle lit bubble bath or a relaxing facial, once a month I will do something just for me that isn’t something I feel like I have to do.

Same goes for the self care habits. Adding one a week, while beneficial, was overwhelming. I would just get into the groove of one and then have to pivot to focus on another. I’m going to pick just one habit each month. That way I can make that habit a priority and really figure out how it best fits into my normal routine. (And those days that the routine goes out the window!)

What will you do to keep your self care going? Need some ideas? Here is the original blog post with 100 Self Care Ideas. 

Here are all of my Self Care September related blog posts with some details around the action items I chose this month.

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Actually Taking Care of Myself

I hope you enjoyed this month as much as I did!