While I was doing research for the Self Care September action item idea list, I came across a suggestion to rearrange your furniture. Even a small switch up, can make a space feel fresh and relaxing. I’ve been wanting to change a few things around in my apartment and thought this was the perfect opportunity.

For a before look – check out my apartment tour video!

The first thing I knew I wanted to change was the nightstand situation. I had this big bulky shelf as my nightstand, which left no room for Sam to have one. (I bought it as my nightstand before he came into the picture!) I bought these smaller ones from Amazon and put them on either side. I also bought these buckets that fit perfectly inside to act as drawers!


The second thing I wanted to do was move my desk into the living room. I calculated that if I removed my small side table and pushed the couch over, there would be plenty of space. To keep some of the height in the room, I also bought the matching hutch from Ikea that went with my desk. I LOVE how this turned out! It also makes the living room feel bigger because of the added floor space.


Since I removed the large bulky shelf in the corner to make room for the desk, I felt that I should replace the matching one on the other wall. I chose this metal, more open shelf from Ikea to place next to my TV. Since the shelving unit made the room so much brighter, I also changed the space above my TV to this adorable gallery wall. The painting that was originally there got relocated to the bedroom! (See the first picture)


Lastly, I now had extra space in the bedroom where the desk had been. To tie the rooms together, I used the same type of shelves as the living room. The bedroom feels so much more relaxing and open as well.


One last picture – this is the other side of the dresser. Since I used my new shelves to store the items that were on that other (leaning) shelving unit – I got rid of them! I replaced the space with a new hamper and moved the weights from the living room!


All in all, I am SO happy with how the apartment turned out. It’s brighter, more functional, and a little more of OUR style. Some of the items I had bought when I first moved to NYC no longer suited me and definitely didn’t suit Sam, so I’m happy to make our apartment a little more us.

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