Thank you so much for clicking on my video! In this video, I bring you along for a day in my life while also showing you my current favorite things.

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►Things I Mentioned:
Grocery List Notepad:
Baby Chair:
Hair Clips:
Hair Wax Stick:
Shower Organizer:
Affirmation Notes:
Portable Charger:

►Video Overview:
00:00 → Intro
01:39 → Dinner prep in AM
04:22 → Grocery List & Baby Chair
07:05 → Hair Wax Stick
10:58 → Shower Organizer
13:25 → Affirmation Notes
15:33 → Social Media Thoughts
20:23 → Planner Check In
22:05 → Portable Charger
24:30 → Podcast!
28:22 → Schedule Changes
34:39 → Sheets
38:33 → Hand Cream
39:34 → Immersion Reading

►Who Am I?
My name is Laken (like bacon!) and I am a millennial, Texas girl living in Chicago with my husband, cat, and a newborn little girl! I am on a mission to inspire and educate you to live out your best life through strategic goal setting!

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