Join our community for weekly coaching calls and personalized support focused on helping you achieve your goals!

If you struggle with focusing on achieving your goals throughout the whole year, not just the first few months, then consider giving Plan with Laken’s community a try. Being a member has made a big difference in my life. Laken is smart and motivating and the community is friendly and supportive.

-Jessica Monzingo

What the community includes:


Weekly Coaching Call

The purpose of this weekly call is to hold you accountable to checking in with your current goals, provide guidance for goal related struggles, and teach you new ideas to help you achieve all of your goals.

Every month we focus on a specific topic and discuss how it related to your goals. Prior topics have included consistency, patience, & rest.


Typical Agenda:

  • Sharing & celebrating wins
  • Teaching section about the topic of the month
  • Main weekly call content
  • Current goal check in

Main Call Content Topics

Q&A: You can submit a question in advance and Laken will share her thoughts and tips. Then she’ll open it up for community members with similar experiences to answer as well. Topics can turn into discussions and there are tons of lightbulb moments.

Power Hour: This is where we get things done! We hold each other accountable to making specific progress on our goals.

Hot Seat Coaching: 2-3 members sign up in advance to be live coached by Laken on a specific topic or goal. Laken will dig deeper into the struggle or goal and help the member figure out their roadblocks so they walk away with specific action steps and feel ready to tackle their goal.

Monthly Goal Session: Towards the end of the month, we have a call focused on setting up our goal action steps for the next month. Regardless of what goal planner you use, this call will walk you through all the steps to be prepared for the next month.

Direct Access to Laken

• Members can sign up for a texting service with direct access to Laken

• This comes with a daily text featuring a question, tip, motivational quote, or reminder to stay focused on your goals and incorporates the topic of the month

• You can schedule texts for specific days and/or times to be held accountable to your specific goals

• You are able to reach out to Laken for help with breaking a goal down, brainstorming, or a much-needed pep talk

(Directly only available to US/Canada, but our international members have found various third-party apps that let them sign up.)

Community Facebook Group

• This benefit is focused on community! Surround yourself with like-minded individuals all working on their unique, personal goals as well. The group allows for visual goal progress, sharing wins, asking for help, and so much more.

• Daily prompts encourage you to share, participate, and get to know other community members.

• Laken shares her personal planner pages and sneak peeks too!

Here is an example of a monthly calendar! The days of the calls can vary each month, so the calendar is always shared 1-2 weeks before the end of the prior month.

All calls are held on zoom and recorded for those who are unable to join live.

Join our community!

“Laken’s community is like having a goal setting guru work with you on your goals each month. If you’ve ever wanted to accomplish something and didn’t know where to start it’s the place for you. Laken helps figure out your goal, then she helps you break it down in to small easily accomplished steps and then the community encourages you as you work towards your goal.”

-Amanda Johnson

I want to help you achieve your goals!


It can be so hard to prioritize yourself and carve out time in your busy life to focus on yourself and your goals. 

I created this community to help you do just that!

I believe we all deserve to live a life that we enjoy living and I truly believe that goals are how you get there.

Here’s What Past Students Had to Say…

Laken’s goal-setting sessions are no-nonsense. She tells people what they need to hear. And, even though I love planners, I appreciate that Laken uses planners and other productivity tools—they don’t use her, so to speak.”

Kari Y.

“An incredible way to have accountability and a structured way to focus on goals while gaining added knowledge through an engaged community and continuous education.”

Amber H.

“It is a great community of like minded people in the area of goal setting and personal development. It offers great accountability, encouragement and gives helpful tips.”


Debbie K.

“Highly recommend for someone that want to focus on meaningful goal setting focusing on what matters and without burning out.”

Ana Beatriz Silva

Hi, I’m Laken!

Laken Edwards is a personal goals coach with a focus on time management and organization. She founded a goal focused membership program that has helped over 700 clients across four continents achieve their personal goals. Her popular YouTube channel and Instagram account, with a combined 50,000 followers, provide practical solutions and goal setting strategies every week. Laken also develops and executes Goal Setting Workshops for top corporations across the United States.

As a top performing Sales Manager for Cutco Knives at the age of 18 and an award winning competitive dancer, Laken has been developing her skills for time management and goal setting for most of her life. After graduating top of her class in the University of Texas Actuarial Science program, she was recruited to New York City to work for a Fortune 100 company and recognized for her leadership skills as part of a selective management development program.

Laken is on a mission to inspire and educate people to live out their best lives through strategic goal setting. Between her passions for dance, spreadsheets, and personal development, she strives to create a unique and fun experience for every person she works with!