Break Through Goal Roadblocks in 30 Days to Create a Life You Didn’t Realize Was Possible

You have SO many goals you want to achieve and ideas for how you want your life to look…

But for some annoying reason, you start for a few weeks, and then you get quickly overwhelmed so you move on to the next goal (which ends up going on the back burner too!)

Or how about breaking down your goals? You have this huge vision for what you want to accomplish, but you have no idea how to break down the steps to get there.

It’s easy to get excited about setting goals, but sticking with the follow-through is what holds you back and where you feel the most lost. Ready to discover a new way to think about goals all together?

Accelerate Your Goals gave me the tools to really break down the goals I’ve been putting off for a while. The goals seemed too big, but thanks to Laken, I know how to start small and make tiny, daily progress


Setting goals is easy. Getting past your roadblocks
to follow through is the hard part.

There are a few things you need to know if you want to finally cross those goals off…


All Goals Are Achievable on the Right Timeline

It’s frustrating when I see my fellow planners give up on goals so quickly! The goal achievement process is about being realistic with when you can actually achieve goals within your current lifestyle. 

Let’s learn how to shift your goals so you can adjust as needed but still stay on track.


SMART Goals Don’t Work

Yup, I’m stirring some controversy here! You might work in a corporate setting and have had this idea drilled into your head. But in your personal life, making time for goals gets complicated.

I’ll be sharing an entirely new way for you to think about your goals that makes it much easier to stick with them long term!

The Process is Not Meant to Be Perfect

Let’s be realistic. You might work 40 hours a week, have a family, and other responsibilities that keep you from your goals. You have to understand yourself, your own tendencies,  give yourself grace, and prioritize what’s most important.

You don’t need to do all the things and you definitely don’t have to do them all at once. I’ll teach you how to take baby steps, little by little, and still make progress.

You might have written down your goals and drafted a detailed action plan but STILL struggle with the follow-through. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Know that you deserve to see your goals checked off your list and…

Feel empowered to celebrate your every accomplishment, no matter how small.

Finally let go of perfectionism, this “all or nothing” mentality, and choose progress instead.

Have the achievable plan, mindset, and tools you need to achieve your goals with confidence.

Here’s how we’re going to get you there…


Accelerate Your Goals: Breakthrough Goal Roadblocks in 30 Days

Put Accelerate Your Goals in Your Planner if You’re Ready to:


Have a plan to overcome the four major roadblocks to achieving your goals

Sometimes we set goals and we have every intention of following through, but without the right plan that works for us. I’ll show you how to better understand which type of action plan you’re most likely to stick with and uncover why you couldn’t follow through in the past.


Understand the foundation you need to set and prioritize the right goals for your life

There is no such thing as a wrong or right goal. But there is such a thing as picking the right goals for your life right now. The key here is being flexible and changing the plan when you need to. That’s hard if you’re a natural planner (trust me, I know, because I am one too!) but we’ll work on it together!

Feel confident you can actually accomplish all of your goals even if you need to pivot

Giving yourself grace, being realistic with yourself, and having a bounce pack plan is crucial. Setbacks are almost guaranteed. Instead of hoping they don’t happen, why not plan for them instead?

Join Accelerate Your Goals

There are a MILLION ways you can learn how to move past goal roadblocks. But we don’t want to just achieve our goals—we want to accelerate the process so we can achieve more and become an even better version of ourselves.

Here’s why Accelerate Your Goals is different…

This isn’t about giving you a copy and paste template. This is about creating a realistic and personalized plan for you so you can not only achieve your goals, but feel good about any progress no matter big or small.

“Coming into this I already knew how to goal plan and look deep to determine my why and be specific as possible. But this course taught me to be focused on one aspect of that goal and slowly add the other layers. Progress might seem slow but it’s actually better to be slow than overwhelmed. Laken breaks the goal planning and everything in between down into amazing steps, unlike any other goal planner.”


Alright so here’s what the program actually looks like during our time together. Because I know you’re a planner at heart…

Session 1: Mindset

The number one problem we don’t realize that holds us back from goal-achievement…is ourselves. Let’s tackle the seven main mindsets that keep us from making progress and the five actions you can take to overcome them.

Session 2: Picking the Right Goals

There’s no such thing as picking the right goal. But there is such a thing as picking the right goals for you and your life, right now. We’ll go over a framework to prioritize the goals that are actually important over the goals you think are important.

Session 3: Getting Started

This is where the rubber meets the road. We can talk about goal setting all day (at least I can!) but what does it actually mean to make progress? This is a favorite session because we go over four different ways to take action and break down your goals.

Session 4: Follow Through

We all have goals that we are more likely to  just “give up” on right? Based on your personality, there are ways to plan out your goals so it’s easier to follow through. Let’s work together to create a plan that you can stick to long term. One that is practical but pushes you just enough past your comfort zone to make true progress.



Weekly Live Trainings Recorded

Each week, we’ll unpack the roadblock, share real-life examples, and give you the tools to make progress on your goals.


Q&A Office Hours

Need to reflect on your goals or brainstorm questions so you’re on the right track? This is dedicated time together throughout the program so you’re even more likely to succeed.


Actionable Handouts & Homework

It’s one thing to want your goals but achieving them requires action. After every session, you’ll have action items in a Google Folder so you can take tangible steps and put the course material into practice

“Laken is a great blend of realistic, motivational, and thoughtful. Too many people who talk about goals don’t have a 9 to 5 or make their own schedule, and it’s nice to have a more realistic perspective. This is more introspective but it really helps in thinking about your actions and motivations when goal setting.”


At the end of Accelerate Your Goals you will:


Learn how to celebrate every small step


Shift your mindset so you’re more likely to stick to and achieve your goals


Have a plan to restart goals and build them back up when life throws you a curveball


Understand how to break down goals so you are always making time and progress for them

I have a passion for all things planning, organization, and helping you achieve your goals.

I am a thirty-something Texas girl living in New York City with my fiancé and fluffball of a cat. I love chocolate, football, black pens, and dancing. Oh, and you’ll always find me with my Cultivate What Matters PowerSheets.

Over the past four years, I lifted the veil in my life to publicly share my goal achievement journey on YouTube, for the whole world to see.

Things like my nutritional journey, starting an online business, and building a community of other goal achievers like me who finally want to put themselves first.

15K+ YouTube subscribers and a 250+ member Patreon Community later, it’s safe to say I wasn’t the only one who craved goal accountability.

Now, my mission is to teach and inspire you to achieve your goals through planning, organization, and mindset. Grab a cup of coffee (or wine) and let’s accomplish your goals together!

Grab your favorite (black) pen: I’m about to answer all your questions…

Will I receive copies of the slides?

I do not plan to release the Power Point slides, but there will be a handout for each session. All sessions will be recorded live via Zoom and shared so you can rewatch during and after the program

I struggle with writing action steps in my planner because I never do them.

That’s what week four is all about! Getting the accountability you need, follow through, and doing the steps you say you’re going to! 

Do I need the Powersheets or any other tools?

Nope! No supplies needed. Just a desire to achieve your goals!

How long are the weekly sessions?

The roadblock sessions will be 90 minutes and the biweekly Q&A sessions will be an hour. 

Is this course helpful for someone who hasn’t solidified their goals? Mine are a bit vague.

This course is focused on setting goals not achieving them. It wouldn’t be a good fit if you’re still looking to set goals but if you want a framework to actually achieve them, this program would be perfect. 

When will the sessions be?

The last LIVE session starts September 1st! Sessions will be held:

9/1 7:30PM EST
9/11 11:00AM EST
9/13 7:30PM EST
9/18 11:00AM EST
9/25 11:00AM EST
9/29 7:30PM EST

Here’s What Past Students Had to Say…

I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to achieve their goals! I learned so much about how to set goals and how to follow through and actually achieve my goals. Each week I was inspired to take action on my goals but at the same time time small steps and not place unrealistic expectations on myself. Laken’s approach to goal setting really allowed me to take the pressure off myself to do everything perfect. Also really appreciated how she used examples from her own life to demonstrate what she was teaching. Loved the course and will definitely sign up for her courses in the future!


This course was a fantastic, practical crash course in choosing, breaking down, and prioritizing your goals. Laken provides lots of tangible examples throughout the course and presents actionable homework each week to put the course material into practice.


Laken is such a great coach for goal setting! She is relatable and gives a lot of real world examples! It helps to learn from someone who has done it, trial and error, and shares her wisdom. We all have goals, but putting them down on paper and going through the exercises to get in the right mindset makes all the difference for actually achieving them!


Setting and achieving goals is difficult. I have a lot of experience doing this in a professional setting but when it comes to my own life, I was lost and insecure. I started with a tool (goal planner) and did my best to commit to actions that would move my goals forward, but taking this course gave me enough new insight that I wanted to revisit my annual goals entirely. I now know more about how to set the RIGHT goals for me, how to hold myself accountable based on my personality type and strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, how to prioritize the most important goal for me. For me, that means tackling a HARD goal because without working towards that will change my life.


This program was very uplifting and very real. I felt like it wasn’t directed towards any one person but to all people who are interested in accomplishing goals. Through the steps and the information Laken was able to make me feel like I would actually be able to not only achieve my goals, but to feel good about any progress no matter how big or small.


Still not sure if Accelerate Your Goals is right for you?

Before I set a system for myself to prioritize personal goals in my life, I didn’t make time for them at all.

Year after year, I would set intentions to become a better version of myself, and I always fell short. Not because I didn’t have the discipline, but because my why wasn’t big enough.

Once I was crystal clear on why I was doing what I was doing, my Enneagram 3 kicked in and challenged me  to stay on course and start achieving goals. Goals like growing my YouTube Channel, social following, hosting events, prioritizing health, and so many more goals I wouldn’t have tried to achieve before.

Going through this process on my own and seeing my Patreon community go through the same roadblocks as I did when achieving their goals, helped me realize goal achievement shouldn’t be done alone.

You need to feel supported to fight against the “what you should do’s” and create a plan that works for you and your life, while putting yourself first. Because let’s be honest, we all need to do that more often.

Feel confident knowing you are capable of sticking to your goals and creating a lifestyle you’ve always wanted.