The PlanwithLaken community focuses on support, growth, and helping you accomplish all of your goals!

Whether you need just a little push or more one-on-one attention, there is something for everyone.

Accountability is the key to goal setting.

“You have inspired me to think more about goals and goal setting in a realistic way. I feel like your approach and attitude are real.” – Danielle

$5 a month

Level One gets you access to the PlanwithLaken Facebook Group where we are focused on goal setting and accountability. I  regularly share photos of my daily planner.

$10 a month

Level Two gets you access to the PlanwithLaken Facebook Group AND a Monthly Live Group Chat where I  answer questions about YOUR specific goals and planning.


$20 a month

Level Three gets you access to the Facebook Group, Monthly Live Chats AND my phone number. I will send you accountability texts specific to your goals, and you can text me back with questions or requests. (Texting only currently available for US, Canada & Puerto Rico)

Join our community of driven achievers who are passionate about their goals. 

“Your community definitely feels like a haven of positivity while still acknowledging that life happens.” – Katie