After falling in love with daily planning in Fall 2019, I have been on the hunt for the perfect coiled daily planner. I found it. For me, the Plum Paper A5 Daily planner is perfect.

Here’s a chart comparing the three planners I considered.

Click here to watch my YouTube video elaborating on the comparison chart.

Category Erin Condren Petite Daily Plum Paper Daily Erin Condren Daily Duo
(without the coil)
5.5 inches X 8.25 inches 6.5 inches X 8.5 inches
(They also have a large and extra large option .)
7.5 inches X 9.25 inches
Timeframe 3 months 6 months or 12 months 6 months (You have to buy 12 months worth.)
Tabs No Yes Yes
Additional Pages No Yes Yes
Customization Somewhat Very Customizeable None
Cover Options Few options, No personalization Most Options Good amount of options
Start Month Jan / Apr / Jul / Oct Any month July 2020 or January 2021
Coil Options Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black
(Erin Condren Notebook Coil)
 Silver or Unpunched Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black
Referral Program Yes Yes Yes
Rewards Program Yes No Yes
Ease of ordering Most Difficult Easy, but lots of options to go through Easiest
Quality / Durability Lowest, can feel homemade Close second Highest quality
Paper Worst, hard to find pens that don’t shadow White, Smooth, 70lb Off-white, Gritty, 80lb
Price (Basic) $14 per quarter plus $8 at Office Max
$36 for 6 months
$29 for basic, no customization
$33 for 6 months (with blank headers)
$68 for 12 months
$34 for 6 months

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