Every year 75% of adults set New Year's resolutions...

Have you ever set a New Year’s resolution
you didn’t stick with?

There are only so many

hours in the day…

Even if you are an ambitious person, you wear all the hats and make all the to-do lists, it can be difficult to set aside time for yourself and prioritize your goals.

You probably have a list of things you would do if you just had the time or the motivation – read more books, start a business, or implement a morning routine.

It can be hard to believe in yourself and know that you CAN accomplish all of the things you’ve put on new year’s resolution lists year after year. BUT YOU CAN.

I really felt like the calls helped me focus on the things that were important and they gave me a push in the right direction to get me rolling. Then I had the momentum to move into each future milestone.

I also felt that Laken was an accountability partner as well as a sounding board to bounce ideas off of!

Goal: Grow Art Business

It may feel like you don’t have any time to work on your goals.


Start with Small Steps

The beauty about goal progress is that you don’t need hours and hours to make an impact. If you can find five minutes a day to take action, it will add up!

Most goals take time to achieve, so you feel the need to take HUGE leaps every time you work on them. But then those huge leaps feel overwhelming so you quit before you even start.


Put those steps in your planner

 Does your calendar reflect what is important to you? Or is your planner filled with tasks and appointments that aren’t moving you closer to your goals?

If you don’t set aside time to work on the action steps that are directly correlated to what is important to you, it will be impossible to make progress.

Your Goals Need to Matter to YOU

Even if you have the perfect plan and the best time management skills, your goals need to matter to you. What is driving you to keep going?

Motivation will come and go; you need a reason that reminds you why you chose this goal in the first place. 

What about the days when EVERYTHING feels hard? The days where you don’t know where to start or you can’t possibly find even five minutes in your schedule for yourself.

You don’t have to do it alone.

What if you had a cheerleader, brainstorm buddy, and time management specialist by your side every step of the way?

What if you had someone to hold you accountable and guide you across the goal finish line that has felt out of reach for so long?

What if someone could ensure you were equipped to accomplish any future goal that you set out to achieve in your life?

Here’s how we’re going to get you there…


   Becoming a
  Goal Achiever


 Are you ready to live the life you’ve always dreamed of? No more feeling stuck!


Define your most important goal & break it down into actionable steps

You will pick a goal to focus on during our time together. We will break that goal down into action steps that you are able to schedule into your busy life.


Accountability & support when you get stuck or unmotivated

You will make progress on that goal and I will be there every step of the way to encourage you, hold you accountable, and troubleshoot when life gets in the way.


Learn how to apply this process to every goal in the future

Your goals will change over time, so I will make sure you have all of the skills to accomplish them. Instead of always feeling stuck and giving up, you will know how to move forward.

You deserve to live your dream life.

Becoming a Goal Achiever will teach you…

How to follow through on the goals that create a life you love. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, uninspired, and frustrated – you will set future goals with confidence.

You will have the courage to keep going when things go wrong.

You will have the knowledge to accomplish any goal you choose to go after!

We all have these goals and dreams that we know are important to us, but that we just can’t seem to work on.

Laken took one of those dreams and walked me through on how to start it and how to get things sorted out with it.

Goal: Start Small Business

Alright so here’s what the program actually looks because I know you’re a planner at heart…

Week 1: Solidify the Goal

Week 2: Break it Down

Week 3: Managing Your Time

Week 4: Personal Roadblocks

Week 5: Regular Refreshes

Week 6: Instead of quitting

Week 7: Preparing for future goals

Week 8: Celebrate all the wins!

I have a much better sense of accomplishment and am looking forward to future goal setting!

I feel that I have a “toolbox” of how to tackle all my goals and the personal ability to accomplish things now with out getting overwhelmed and shutting down/giving up.

Goal: Morning Routine



Access to Me

In addition to our weekly zoom calls, we will be in contact daily for accountability and support!


Printables & Guides

Receive guides and handouts to help you track your goal progress and celebrate little wins.


Access to Accelerate Your Goals Course

You will have access to the replays of the Accelerate Your Goals course that contains how to breakthrough the four major goal roadblocks.

I was stuck in my own head before talking to her. I would listen to other people who did not have my best interest at heart felt an obligation.

After working with Laken, I felt empowered and excited to move forward with my life. I realized I am worth more! 

Goal : New Job

At the end of Becoming a Goal Achiever you will:


Understand how to define and break down your goals


Figure out how to keep going when you get stuck


Shift your mindset when life throws you curveballs


Know how to create a life you've always dreamed of

I have a passion for all things planning, organization, and helping you achieve your goals.

Hi, I’m Laken! I am a thirty-something Texas girl living in New York City with my husband and fluffball of a cat. I love chocolate, football, black pens, and dancing. 

Over the past four years, I lifted the veil in my life to publicly share my goal achievement journey on YouTube, for the whole world to see.

Things like my nutritional journey, starting an online business, and building a community of other goal achievers like me who finally want to put themselves first.

15K+ YouTube subscribers and a 350+ member Patreon Community later, it’s safe to say I wasn’t the only one who craved goal accountability.

Now, my mission is to teach and inspire you to achieve your goals through planning, organization, and mindset. Grab a cup of coffee (or wine) and let’s accomplish your goals together!

Grab your favorite pen: I’m about to answer all your questions…

What if I don't have enough time?

I get it. We all have busy schedules and it can feel like you have no time to accomplish your goals.  Time is one of our most precious resources. Which is why one whole session will be on time management. You don’t need hours, 5 minutes a day is 30 hours a year. You can accomplish a lot of goals in 30 hours! 

What if I am not disciplined enough?

The key to discipline is not doing it all at once. You can only willpower yourself through so much. We will discuss how to overcome the lack of discipline by focusing on small, doable changes.

Do I need the Powersheets or any other tools?

Nope! No supplies needed. Just a desire to achieve your goals!

How long are the weekly sessions?

Our weekly zoom calls will be 30-45 minutes.

What if I have more than one important goal?

You don’t have to change everything about your life RIGHT NOW. It can be tempting, but not sustainable. That’s why you will focus on one goal during our 8 weeks together. Once you learn how to accomplish that goal and start seeing progress, it will be easier to accomplish your other goals.

What if my goal will take longer than 8 weeks to accomplish?

Most goals do! Often when we give up on goals, it’s because we didn’t take enough time to work on it. The first week, we will solidify the goal you are working towards, making sure that it is doable given your schedule and aspirations..

Here’s What Past Students Had to Say…

“I would start to work on a goal, but because it wasn’t going “perfectly”, I would give up. Now I’ve learned to let perfection go and take small steps and celebrate wins!”

Goal: Decluttering

“Laken is professional while being personable and easy to talk to; combining that with her expertise in goal setting and planning makes achieving goals not only easy but enjoyable. I looked forward to my sessions and always walked away uplifted and and equipped to go after my goals.”

Goal: Business Plan

“If you’re the type of person who is a procrastinator, especially when something makes you uncomfortable, you should definitely use this program! Now, when I work on my goal independently I am able to hold myself accountable to complete the steps I set out for myself.”

Goal: Grow Art Business

“Laken has helped me take the initial steps in starting my own business. She is a great sounding board to work through some of the analysis paralysis that I was facing. It was easy to open up an be truthful in the issues I was having. Working with Laken was very productive and I looked forward to our calls each week.”

Goal: New Small Business

Still not sure if Becoming a Goal Achiever is right for you?

I used to watch people on social media accomplish everything I wanted to accomplish.

I would see women losing weight, starting businesses, and growing relationships. I used to think it could never be me.

Then I figured it out. I am going to help you figure it out too.

 You’re going to start now – not wait for the perfect day, month, or even year.

You’re going to wake up every morning excited to live your life and work on your goals.

You’re going to go after your dreams knowing that you will accomplish them!


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