For my last Self Care Sunday action item, I had planned to go to the store and buy myself a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. It would make my apartment smell amazing and result in pretty blog pictures.

Then I got promoted at work and my boss bought me flowers! So, since this blog post doesn’t come with posed pictures of perfect flowers, you’ll have to settle for the adorable, new coffee shop I am sitting in as I write this post.


I scoured my list for a new action I would take that Sunday and then life happened. I woke up Sunday morning feeling awful. I immediately deemed it a hangover from my boyfriend’s birthday party the night before. It wasn’t until later in the afternoon, when my throat got sorer, my headache didn’t go away, and I started coughing, that I realized I was genuinely sick.

I had a mile long to do list of things I wanted to get done that Sunday. I wanted to do laundry – didn’t happen. I wanted to film 3 videos – managed to film one quick one to get up the next day. And I wanted to watch the Cowboys win – didn’t happen. Well, I watched the game, but they didn’t win.

I spent the majority of the day laying in bed, sipping tea, and actually taking care of myself.

Hoping this very focused self care would result in a bright and shiny Laken on Monday morning was wishful thinking. I woke up Monday feeling just as bad, if not worse. Even though I hate doing it, I called in sick to work.

Do you ever have those days where you know you should rest and relax, but your busy-body, go-getter self just wants to keep checking things off? This is my struggle every time I stay home from work when I don’t feel well.

I always try to still call in to that important conference call. Or get something done around the house. But this time, I channeled my Self Care September focus, and just rested.

I took a bubble bath; I took countless naps; I ordered delicious soup delivered to my door, and I healed. It’s amazing what actually taking care of yourself can do for your body.

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Thank you, Vicki & Jess and good luck!