I Live in a Shoebox

When you tell anybody that you live in New York City, usually the first question they ask is either “how small is your apartment?” or “how much do you pay in rent?” Well, I’m not going to share my rent. (Googling can get you a pretty good estimate) Here is my floor plan.


After some rough math calculations, my apartment is somewhere between 300 – 350 square feet. For two adults and a cat. It can sometimes feel tight and I do get jealous of my friends buying large houses in cities across the country, but I wouldn’t trade my NYC living experiences for anything.

As they say, you’re paying for what is outside your apartment. There are 41 Broadway theaters, over 20,000 restaurants, almost 1,000 parks, and 8.5 million of your closest friends. Who could ask for anything more?

While I don’t envision myself staying in NYC for the rest of my life (although never say never) and there are definitely things about my apartment I wish were slightly different, it’s still home. And it’s mine. (As long as I pay the rent on time)

Happy Planning!


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